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PRIMAVERA eyewear – elegant collection with wide variety of fashionable both female and male styles, for those who prefer quality products at affordable price.


PRIMAVERA - it’s a timeless style. Classical shapes are being complemented with variable materials, cutting-edge manufacturing and designing technologies, frequently used delicate laser ornaments, crystals, retro-details with interesting color range etc.


PRIMAVERA frames have passed through need certification and testing procedure in Ukraine.


Assembled in Poland, Turkey

High-quality materials, accurate parts manufacturing, functionality and wearing comfort  - all support high brand reputation  


    classical and elegant collection for men and women. Variable metal and plastic models are always fashionable beyond time.

    • Mod. SO3242 Col.1
    • Mod. SO3252 Col.3
    • Mod. SO1906, SO181, SO198
    • Mod. SO3230 Col.1
    • Mod. SO3235 Col.2
    • Mod. SO3238 Col.2
    • Mod. SO1901, SO1904, SO1910

    for those who value true glamour and brilliancy. Models are produced from modern metal composites, cellulose acetate and are encrusted with SWAROVSKI crystals. 

    • Mod. PC2318
    • Mod. PC2191
    • Mod. PC2190
    • Mod. PC2313
    • Mod. PC2177
    • Mod. PC2311

    the avant-garde collection in “techno” style, manufactured using up-to-date titanium processing technology. Many parts are produced from modern Grilamid TR-90 material.

    • Mod. PC2165
    • Mod. PC2173
    • Mod. PC2207
    • Mod. PC2169
    • Mod. PC2138 Col.1

    bright collection made of hypoallergenic materials using shapes and colors most appropriate for kids.

    • Mod. PK303 Col.3, PK301 Col.3, PK304 Col.3, PK304 Col.2
    • Mod. PK312 Col.2
    • Mod. PK317 Col.1
    • Mod. PK314 Col.3
    • Mod. PK330 Col.3
    • Mod. PK322 Col.3