Popular European eyewear brand is now available in Ukraine. INTREND outstanding designing ideas ensure each and every customer can create his own unique style. This type of accessorize will surely attract attention and emphasize your individuality.


One more INTREND eyewear key feature is cutting-edge production technology  – only the high-quality materials together with the most advanced manufacturing process.


INTREND  frames have passed through need certification and testing procedure in Ukraine.


Assembled in Turkey



    Business people’s style, for those who value fashion and sport, while their main goal is reaching success in any life sphere. Men models are minimalistic and functional: ultramodern execution, lightened titanium alloy, carbon elements etc. Women eyewear is notable for gorgeous designing elements, elegant shapes and smooth lines

    • Mod. IT9106 Col.3
    • Mod. IT9104 Col.2
    • Mod. IT9101 Col.1
    • Mod. IT9103 Col.2
    • Mod. IT9110 Col.2
  • InTrend Ultramarine

    Outstanding and daring InTrend Ultramarine collection made this eyewear very popular in Europe. InTrend Ultramarine is a new conceptual approach in eyewear fashion industry. Extraordinary colors combined with excentric design will surely be in sympathy among the lovers of bright and avant-garde style

    • Mod. IT10426 Col.3,  mod. IT10428 Col. 2
    • Mod. IT10424 Col. 1
    • Mod. IT10409 Col. 2
    • Mod. IT10421 Col. 1
    • Mod. IT10407 Col.1